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Since ancient times, mehendi (Indigo or henna) is been regarded as the one of the most auspicious herb that has been gracing various occasions of spirituality and celebrations in Indian subcontinent. Especially on the wedding occasion both brides as well as grooms are being decorated by tattooing mehendi (Indigo or henna) on their body. It is considered as a divine blessing to apply mehendi (Indigo or henna) on the body in all the celebration occasions. There is one more use of mehendi (Indigo or henna) that makes it more useful. It is one of the best herbal conditioner for hairs.

Mehendi or Henna or ‘Lawsonia Inermis’ is a privet type bush that grows in abundance all through  middle eastern countries like Pakistan, India, Africa and Morocco. It is the leaf of the plant that is ground up to fabricate a Henna powder, this powder is then made into a paste and applied to the skin or hair producing a dark, deep staining color that wears out over time.  Henna excellence and color depends on which country it is grown in, how fresh the powder is and what is added to it. Herbal mehendi uses the finest henna in the world that produces lively colors that coat the Hair to provide a great looking shine. Getting great henna is not simple, but we are fortunate enough to have a supply line into the United States of America and we purchase it by the container load (a few tons at a time) so we can present the finest possible prices for the Best Quality  of natural Henna.

How to prepare the paste from Herbal Mehendi?

Take the desired amount of powder that you feel would be sufficient for your hairs. If possible take a iron bowl. Put the herbal mehendi powder in that bowel and put in some water to give it a texture bit more thin as than of the jam or jellies. The texture should be such that it can be applied easily.

If possible soak the mixture over night for best results. At least soak the mixture for minimum of for 2 hours for desired results.

How to apply

Application is the main thing. After you have prepared the paste and left it for the desired amount of time. Follow following steps:-

  •     Spay water on your hairs to make it moist.
  •     Divide your hairs in portion so that you can cover every part.
  •     Now with the help of your fingers of brush start applying to the portions.
  •     Also apply it on the scalp and the hair beds so as to give nourishment to the hair roots.
  •     Wash of your hands and other body parts life face etc as soon you have finished the application so as to avoid any color left over.
  •     Now leave it undisturbed for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending upon the attainment of the desired color.
  •     Its better that you leave your hairs to dry naturally and avoid the aid of any external agent to dry as this may alter the results.
  •     Wash your hairs with flowing water thoroughly.


        For only conditioning purpose apply herbal mehendi not more than 30 minutes
        For coloring purpose you should apply herbal mehendi for at least 1 hour.
        For continued best results apply herbal mehendi once to twice a month.

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