15th Century diamond

A very rare 15th Century diamond and gold ring that was found in March 2008 by John Steven in South Leicestershire, England will soon go off for sale at Bonhams in London.

Estimated to sell for about $24,000 to $32000, the ring features rough diamond. The auction house Bonhams bring light to the fact that diamond cutting was very rare 500 years ago. Diamonds are the hardest of the minerals, and thus cutting them requires great precision and special cutting tools, During that time not many craftsmen were known to use diamond cutting technique and tools.

The band of the ring is inscribed by Gothic script "amour mi tien" (love keep me).

Jean Ghika, Director of the Jewellery Department comments, "Bonhams is delighted to offer such a rare surviving 15th century diamond ring. It is a superb example of its type and was lying undiscovered for over five hundred years."

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